Wednesday, July 22

#OneBookJuly2015 Week 3

I adore the planner girls with their fancy, decorated planners. They are so inspirational! I sadly and not one of them. My planner is mostly functional with a dash of pretty thrown in to keep things interesting. I have been watching several planner girls over on youtube and two of my favorite girls (Rhomany's Realm and Carie Harling) created the One Book July challenge, last year. This year I thought I would jump in with both feet and participate. The idea behind the challenge is to simplify your planning system and see if you can make it work with less. I created a new, smaller Shidori for the challenge. 

I started with a piece of veg tanned leather cut to my desired dimensions. This is the same size as a pocket Midori. 

I rounded the edges and punched holes in the spine for the elastic. Next I oiled the leather with jojoba oil. Then I stained the leather a gorgeous timber brown. I love how there are tiny differenced in the color, like marbling. Of course I forgot to put gloves on before I started working with the stain an ended up with brown hands for a couple days. :)

The leather is wearing so beautifully. I love every little crease and mark. I finished the Shidori off with white elastic (because it's what I had on hand) and a little silver charm. You can see what it looks like on the inside in the video down below, as well as my progress in this one book for July. Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, July 16

PenPal Pocket Letters 2~

After months of nonstop pocket letter madness things have slowed down. In fact right now I am mostly only making them for my penpals and I like it that way. It gives me a chance to really get to know them. I really have the best penpals a girl could ask for. They truly are the sweetest. It takes happy mail to a whole new level. Here is the latest that I have received and sent in response.

It was so much fun to create this sparkly Summer themed pocket letter. P.S. She loved it!

These are the goodies that I included. You can see it all in detail as well as the brilliant British themed pocket letter she sent to me in my Youtube video. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 19

Another Mixed Media Pocket Letter Part 2

There isn't much that I love creating more than Mixed Media art, combine that with my obsession for Pocket Letters and it makes my little artistic heart go pitterpat! :)

9 pockets of mixed media goodness with some goodies thrown in! I kept it pretty simple. You can see the me create the base here. I just loving digging into paint and getting messy. I hope my swap partner likes it.


Thursday, May 14


It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Goldilocks. She doesn't fight crime but she has really great hair! What can I say? Sometimes I don't have some deep message to convey with a painting. I just really wanted to use my gold paint. Teehee.


So, here she is foot loose and fancy free, living her life in a paint splattered world. As always thank you so much for stopping by. You rock!

Goldilocks is an 8"x10" mixed media painting on canvas panel.

Tuesday, May 5

That Thing We Do~

I know you're not going to believe it but I was driving home today from a playdate and I started thinking about painting (that's not the part you aren't going to believe. hee hee), which I haven't done much of lately. I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to paint this chicklet with honey colored beehive hair. Where did that come from? Who can say? I'm just happy that I jumped down the rabbit hole and saw it through.

It's been so long since I've painted a girl that I wasn't sure I still had it in me. I guess now I know, it's that thing we do. Instead of thinking about it I just need to pick up a paint brush and get to it. No questions asked. And that's the story of how this BRAVE girl came to be and how I busted through my block and found my mojo. Let's hope it lasts. So, what's calling you? :)

Thursday, April 23

Pocket Letter Share~

Are you sick of Pocket Letters and my need to share all of the amazingness with you? I sure hope not! I hope that you are enjoying them and maybe have jumped on the Pocket Letter bandwagon too. teehee

In case you can't get enough, here are two more incoming Pocket Letters from long term swap partners. I am loving getting to know these talented ladies! They are the best! OK, kids I have to dash. xoxo,

Monday, April 20

Bring on the pocket letters!

Hidee ho friends! I am so behind in sharing my pocket letters, both outgoing and incoming. I seriously have about 10 on my desk waiting to have their mug shots. There are all so lovely and painstakingly crafter that I can't just shove them in the binder without their proper due. I think I may have a sickness. ;)

Still, there are worse things in the world then having piles of happy mail waiting for you. I have been busy with life stuff, and Sherbert Ink stuff. I have big plans in the works. Shh, don't tell! Teehee. In the meantime please excuse the dust around here as I move stuff around and make things sparkly and new. I promise it will be worth it.

Outgoing from me.

Also outgoing from me. I am loving these layers!

Ok, kids that is all I have for now. I must get some laundry done before my family stages a dirty laundry sit-in. xoxo~

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